Leading Thai home improvement mega stores 2015 strategy is cool down on slow economy

Prachachart Turakij, a business newspaper, reports (Source) Thailand’s leading home improvement and construction materials mega stores have “Lifted the Foot from the Speed Pedal” for 2015, expecting slow economy.

The newspaper reported, Thai Watsadu a Central Retail Company, Home Pro, and Global House, all have stopped their aggressive branch/center extension plans and to re-focus instead, on maximizing profits from current branch/centers.

The newspaper reports, however, a non Bangkok based group, but a local group, of the Issan region, with their Do Home brand, is investing about US$100 million, to expand their branch/center, with three new stores.

Global House was established in 1995. In 1997, the Company started operating under the name “Global House” as a building materials & home improvement retailing store with sales area of 630,000 sq m. Our objective is to do (distribution) business under the concept of modern trade and has established itself as an one-stop-shop for construction materials and home improvement products. In 2013, the Company has 31 branches located in the northern, northeastern, central, eastern and western regions of Thailand. Currently, Global House operates 29 branches and has a combined sales and service area of more than 630,000 sq m and 225,000 sq m of parking area. Each Global House Store provides a wide range of building materials and home improvement products over 100,000 items. We thrive to be the best construction material and home improvement retail store that provides the best products at the most affordable price to our customers.

Home Product Center Public Company Limited (hereafter “HMPRO”) was established on June 27th 1995 with the initial registered capital of 150 MB as a joint venture between Land and Houses Public Company Limited and Quality Houses Public Company Limited. It was established with an objective to operate in retail business, selling products and providing comprehensive services associated with home and building construction, expansion, renovation, and repair under the trademark

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