Thailand 3G mobile phone system, rocketed Thailand up the “Internet & ICT” global ranking

Khao Sod reports (Source) Thailand’s telecom and media regulator, made a statement yesterday, saying that the International Telecom Union had significantly, up Thailand’s ranking, on internet access, from 105 in 2013 to 71 in 2014, that is a 34 place jump, based on the availability of 3G mobile phone.

The regulator also said, Thailand has the globe’s 3rd most Facebook users, globe’s 2nd Line chat application user, and 2nd in Asia on Youtube users, and Twitter users expanding exponentially.

However, overall, Thailand still ranks 10th place in Asia, on internet users, as Thailand’s population is about 60 million, with a maturing of the population.

World Economic Forum ranks Thailand at 81 place on ICT Competitiveness in 2012 and in 2014 at 67 place, again based on the availability of 3G mobile phone.

Thailand’s 3G system, had been in the planning for about 10 years, but Thailand’s mostly “Dysfunctioning” government and political system, delay the switch over from 2G to 3G, even with private operators, readiness to move to 3G. Currently, Thailand, is looking at 4G, however, again, dysfunctioning government and politics, has slowed the move to 4G, in what Financial Times, calls, and example of economic and business uncertainty, UNDER Thailand’s current junta.

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