Thailand’s politicized maga consumer goods firm, ICC, expect poor 2014 & 2015 results

One of Thailand’s largest sellers of consumer goods, ICC, say for 2015, the firm plans to lower its sales growth, from the normal 10-15% growth, to 5% growth. For this year, the firm originally planned for a 5% sales expansion to about US$500 million, but actual sales will likely fall by about 10%, reported Matichon (Source)

ICC is a Thai stock market listed firm, ICC is the international marketer for Saha Pathanapibul PLC (Sahapat).  Sahapat is the leading Thai distributor of consumer goods, with a management that is an integral part of the anti-Democracy, Bangkok traditional elite. Sahapat management is considered an arch enemy of the Shinawatra Family, and is against all of the Shinawatra Family’s policy for Thailand.

ICC said the high consumer debt and the lack of populous policy (grass-roots economic stimulus) is hurting consumer purchase. One of Sahapat’s strongest selling products is instant noodles, of the Mama Brand, marketed and sold to poor people in Thailand.

However, the Mama product was hit with a widespread, consumer boycott, by the poor people in Thailand, relating to Sahapat’s political activities, in supporting again, the Bangkok traditional elite and their anti-Democracy objectives, that have disfranchised the poor from political power.

Several reports, cites a slowing of Sahapat sales profit over the years, with the firm falling out of favor, with much of the poor people in Thailand. Sahapat deny these citings, saying its performance took a hit for other reasons, such as higher production costs, in products such as Mama.

Sahapat mission is in providing affordable, international-standard quality products to Thai households nationwide. Since our establishment  over 60 years ago, Saha Pathanapibul has been a trusted name among Thai consumers, and has developed into Thailand’s largest distributor of consumer products, with a modern logistics network covering every corner of the country and an impressive range of over 600 products marketed under 90 name brands. ICC sells many products in Thailand along the line, but more limited, of Sahapat, mostly in the fashion area, such as cosmetics and clothing.

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