Thai IT 2014: Political tensions, high household debt & baht all weigh on ReportStack’s forecast

In the following market report on Thailand’s IT industry, Reportstack, says quote: “Political tensions, high household debt and baht depreciation all weigh on our forecast in 2014, but we expect the situation to improve markedly from 2015.”

However, there have been some fundamental changes as well.

Recently, the head of an Asia wide active, high-tech firm, based in Thailand, started to tweet about the “Internet Censorship” crisis in Thailand, very critical of Prayuth junta crack-down on internet freedom. Later, he was interview by the BBC, as part of the global coverage on the junta’s internet crack-down. In the interview, the head of the firm, Jon Russel, said quote: “My revelations have back-fired.”

That could only mean, Jon criticism of the junta, have caused some problems for his Thai based firm. One traditional qualification for a country to build a vibrant, entrepreneur drive, IT industry start-up, is freedom of the country’s information high-way system, such as the internet.

And while news of Thailand’s junta crack-down on the internet hit the globe, such as blocking briefly of Facebook to other measures to control the access to the internet in Thailand, such as requiring people to use ID cards to gain access to the internet usage, foreign countries in Thailand went on the offense.

For example, as Thailand went on a wave of internet clamp-down, the UK embassy in Thailand, started a campaign, like on twitter, advertising, that if anyone have an IT start-up idea, the UK government will help them, set up the start-up, if located in the UK.

Of course, China and Vietnam, both with great internet censorship and control, have very vibrant IT industry, for example, China with social-network and Vietnam, with soft-wear development, tend to prove, that internet freedom, and a vibrant IT sector are not related. And in fact, the news outfit, Private Equity  International, reports a major start-up funding deal for a Thai based internet  firm, eCommerce, as the news of Thai junta crack-down on internet was hitting the globe, also tend to prove the point also.

However, at this point, one thing is for certain, one of Thailand’s strong point, in having an open communication system, like an open and free internet, is now, increasingly, a historical positive factor, that must be counter balance that loss, by other positives.

The following is from  Reportstack (Source)

Thailand Information Technology Report Q3 2014


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Illinois – United States – June 16,2014 (PR Carbon): Thailand Information Technology Report Q3 2014 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Thailand’s IT market has been negatively impacted by the economic and political environment.

Political tensions, high household debt and baht depreciation all weigh on our forecast in 2014, but we expect the situation to improve markedly from 2015.

Over the medium term strong growth is forecast across all IT segments makes the Thai IT market one of the largest and fastest growing in the region.

Drivers such as high private final consumption and the economy’s strong growth trajectory will support the market’s expected expansion. In addition, fundamentals such as increasing connectivity and the falling price of devices are enabling a wider range of potential users to enter the market.

We see strongest growth in product categories such as tablets, cloud computing, big data analytics, real-time business management systems and enterprise software adoption among SMEs.

Headline Expenditure Projections: Computer Hardware Sales: THB157.4bn in 2014 to THB190.7bn in 2018, with CAGR of 4.9%. Desktop and notebook demand will stabilize while tablet demand will continue to grow robustly, boosted by the increasing variety of low-cost tablets reaching the market. To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Thailand Information Technology Report Q3 2014.


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