Prayuth & Free Market? Is Yingluck amazed that Junta’s Free World Cup hurt RS, bottom-line?

Thailand’s entertainment giant, RS, not happy with the junta’s free World Cup happiness campaign, because its bottom line was hit. More so, is Yingluck amased at that, since one of the biggest criticism of her government was “Oppulous Policy.” Now it seems, Prayuth, and the elite establishment he represents, is now OK, with populism.

Thailand’s entertainment giant, RS, where its Investor relations says the firm would like to inspire everyone to share and forward happiness, is not happy with Prayuth’s junta “Free World Cup” campaign to bring happiness to Thailand.

RS, the firms that has the broad-cast rights for the World Cup, shares on the Thai stock market, has tanked by about 10% since Prayuth made known his plans for free World Cup.

The latest is RS top executives, in a press conference, saying, quote: “We are disappointed in the free World Cup as RS had to compete fiercely for the rights to broadcast the World Cup in Thailand. But because of the free World Cup deal, our profit from the broad-cast rights will not meet tarket, but we are not at the point of losing money.”

According to Daily News, the NCPO head Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha asked that the football matches be on air on the Army’s Channel 5 and 7 with reason of returning happiness to the Thai people. Prayuth, part of the Bangkok elite establishment that hates the Shinawatra family’s populous policies, says this free World Cup and also free movie ticket, are not populous policy.

NCPO has tabled the free World Cup idea to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on whether it should allow live broadcast of the World Cup across all free TV channels. In a decision at the NBTC, the majority of the commissioner agreed to pay RS about US$12 million, to take the RS rights of World Cup broadcast, and transform that right, into a free TV broadcast.

Apart from the press conference on how the NCPO has hurt RS profitability, RS executives also said that this move by NBTC, will hurt Thailand’s future attempt at securing programming, as operators, can not be sure, if it will be able to have control over broad-cast rights, that the operator had acquired.

RS Public Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the music, show, and media businesses in Thailand. The company’s music business is involved in tryouts, production, promotion, marketing and media strategic planning, artist and music content management, physical sales, digital business, and copyright collection through digital and physical distribution; and showbiz business is engaged in organizing concerts and events, as well as artist management activities. In addition, it operates five satellite television channels comprising Sabaidee TV, YOU Channel, Channel 8, Channel 2 Star Max, and Sun Channel La Liga; and radio stations under the COOL Fahrenheit 93, COOL Celsius 91.5, and F.M. 88.5 Sabaidee Radio brands. The company was formerly known as R.S. Promotion Public Company Limited and changed its name to RS Public Company Limited in December 2005. RS Public Company Limited was founded in 1976 and is based in Bangkok, Thailand.


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