“We are an economic force to reckon with,” Thai junta threats the world

“We are an economic force to reckon with,” says Sihasak Phuangketkeow, Thailand’s Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, at the ongoing Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, meaning, Thailand is threatening the globe, with its economic power.

Before the Thai 2014 Thai Coup, Thailand’s junta head, Prayuth, said over and over, “There will be no coup, and a Coup is not ther answer.” He gave so many such statement, the USA made a statement, quote: “There is un-likely to be a Coup in Thailand.” About the same thing, occvurred before the 2006 Coup, with the Thai top brass, saying over and over again, that there will be no coup. In these two example, the Thai military top brass, has proved that there “Words” and “Assurance” to the global community, is worthless.

A few years back, when the Yellow Shirts were active, showing clear signs of Fascism, pro-China and anti-west, I began to blog, that it was dangerous, for the global community, to help Thailand develope “Nuclear Power” as there were security risks involved. I was much laughed at, for months, until, the USA War College, made a statement, that the proliferation of nuclear weapon in the developing world, poses a security risk, from nuclear power.

Thailand, if you understand the politics here, is with a Bangkok elite, that is very much pro-China and anti-west. What is left is economic, that is much tied to the west. that tying to the west, is now much under the China’s “Beijing Consensus” of political/economic “Model” and overall, under the China influence banner. There are clear risk here.

I remember when USA firms began to invest in China, there were a great deal of talk and debate, about how USA firms and global firms, were potentially help creating a “Monster” that eventually, turn, and threaten the USA security. And look at the Pacific Waters now and the close China Russia partnership.

The repression in Thailand, currently going on, is unpresidented in Thailand’s history, having to back, perhaps decades to find a more repressed time, and even dared to closed Facebook as a threat to cyber-space, involved modern times.


The following is from the New York Times:


1. MAY. 30, 2014
Editorial warns that Thailand’s military, which took power in a coup, is operating an increasingly authoritarian government intent on silencing all forms of dissent and disobedience; contends military’s heavy-handed actions risk escalating conflict and weakening the country’s struggling economy; urges American officials to use their ties to the army to persuade its generals to restore democracy. MORE

2. MAY. 28, 2014
Thailand’s ruling military, in what it described as one of its first post-coup priorities, orders disbursement of 92 billion baht, equivalent of $2.8 billion, to rice farmers in effort to lift rural incomes; previous government had tried to pay farmers but was unsuccessful in the face of debilitating protests. MORE

3. MAY. 27, 2014
Thailand’s military junta says it will stay in power indefinitely and that its rule has been endorsed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej; Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, who overthrew the elected government, says the military will create a democracy but gives no time frame for doing so. MORE

4. MAY. 25, 2014
Thailand’s military junta orders two dozen professors and writers to turn themselves over to authorities, broadening sweep in which nearly 200 political officials have already been detained; sends more troops into streets of Bangkok and other cities to discourage protests; Pentagon, responding to coup, announces that it will halt planned military exercise with Thai armed forces and cancel visit of a top American admiral. MORE

5. MAY. 23, 2014
Thailand’s military seizes control of country and detains at least 25 leading politicians after months of unsuccessful maneuvering by the Bangkok establishment to sideline populist movement that has won every national election since 2001; coup, which could include sharp controls on news media, is seen as victory for elites who have grown disillusioned with popular democracy. MORE


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