Thai located corporations bail; 60% say heading for out-Thailand investments

A local press, NTT (Source) reports that Kasikorn Bank, research on investment of Thai corporations, found that Thai located corporates have shifted their attention to other countries because of political unrest in Thailand.

KBank Executive Vice President Vasin Vanichvoranun has revealed its latest survey on investment sentiment, a result of survey analysed the investment sentiment of 17,000 firms in Thailand, saying 60 percent of the planned investment projects are to be launched overseas and the projected amount to be invested by the Thai firms will be as high as 1.5 trillion baht. Last year, only 35 percent of investment projects were targeted for overseas, he added. The project investing a total of Bt1.5 trillion this year, is up 19 per cent from last year’s projection of Bt1.3 trillion.

Some 36 per cent of the firms that participated in the survey were interested in investing in Myanmar, up from 8 per cent last year. Indonesia was attractive to 15 per cent of respondents, followed by Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore. Investment in Thailand wise, only 10 per cent of the firms surveyed plan to maintain their investments outlined in their earlier business plans. Most are waiting to see how the current internal Thailand political crisis develops.

Almost all said, however, that once the political situation returns to normalcy, they would implement their Thai investment plans, such as increasing production capacity and renovating plants.


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