A Thai musician spreads Marimba music to Southeast Asia & help sales for the California maker

A Thai has become, not just hope of promoting the music from a specialize music instrument, Maramba, but a commercial hope for a USA manufacturer of South East Asia sales.

Arcata, CA (PRWEB) March 21, 2014 (Source)

When Sujaree “Boom” Prapinwong was a 12-year-old girl in Thailand, she got to play a snare drum in a school marching band. Inspired, she soon learned other percussion instruments and decided to become a professional musician.

Now almost 20 years later and having studied with experts on two continents, she has become the first marimba soloist in Thailand–and a Discovery Artist with Marimba One, the prestigious California maker of extraordinary concert marimbas.

Her goal is to create a network focused on marimbas that is “open and inclusive, like one big family no matter what universities they attended.”
She herself graduated from Chulalongkorn University–and then studied in Poland with marimba virtuoso Katarzyna Mycka and became strongly influenced by Shoko Sakai. She also took master classes with Hermann Schwander, Peter Sadlo, Emmanuel Sejourne and Svet Stoyanov.
Boom returned to Thailand to teach at her alma mater and perform as a soloist and guest musician in concert halls from Japan to Germany, as well as the Bangkok Symphony.

She loves Polish, Italian and Japanese food and is accompanied by two cats–her sons. She hopes to make the marimba well-known throughout Southeast Asia.


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