Political quagmire delay, top global porcelain art show, finally gets Thai launch OK

One of the globe’s most important exhibition, the world’s long-awaited porcelain painting and artistic works exhibition, the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention (“TIPP 2015”), is now back on track.

Thai politics is hell that saw, with months of political un-rest most exhibition and trade shows in Thailand, had been canceled. Now things are getting back to normal in Bangkok, but guess what? Well, politics is starting to go hay-wire again, with some new say the crisis will last the whole of 2014 and maybe 2015.

And Thai politics, like with everything, is also hell for the arts and craft!

The story of arts and craft in Thailand is full of twist and turns, like the grand rapid of Thai politics. When Thaksin came to govern Thailand, he picked up small arts and craft promotion project, originated by some civil servants, called OTOP. And as Thaksin always does, when his eyes is on something, it usually goes big time, and thus OTOP, exploded into the Thai arts and craft scene, as “The Main Engine” for a variety of critical objectives, such as preserving Thailand’s traditional arts and crafts, spreading income generating opportunity to the small villages and co-operatives, to positioning Thai arts and crafts, often not popular or marketable, for modern trade, with the injection of cutting edge designs, and other.

But Thai politics, many have said, is driven a great deal by “jealousy” and when the 2006 coup took place and a few years later, Abhisit came to power, everything about Thaksin, was put on the back-burner. One casualty was OTOP, that went from getting great focus and energy from planners, to being mostly abandoned. So OTOP wither away, until Yingluck came to power two years ago, and brushed off the dust and revived OTOP back to life.

If you know Thailand, there is a long and proud history of Thai porcelain development. It started way back, 100s of years ago, where Thai porcelains were exported, by Chinese junk and European merchant vessels all over the globe. Today, mush of that is still around and added to the mix, is modern cutting edge industrial tile industry.

The following is from Broadway World (Source)

Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2015 is Announced

March 21 2014

BANGKOK, March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ The world’s long-awaited porcelain painting and artistic works exhibition, the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention (“TIPP 2015”), is now back on track. The event is guaranteed to be one that cannot be missed based not only on its past success, but by the planned gathering of world-class porcelain painting artists in one exhibition. More than 200 of the finest porcelain painting works of art from 20 countries will be displayed. A crowd of more than 5,000 visitors from Asia and around the globe is expected to attend this great event.

TIPP 2015 will be back with special displays, including:

Valuable porcelain painting works of art from 8 world-class artists, such as Edna Kannan, a female Mexican artist who has created world-famous porcelain painting works and who is recognized as the best porcelain painting artist of the 21st century and was 1 of 100 influential persons of Mexico in 2011; Ingrid Lee, a female Australian artist who is renowned for her modern porcelain paintings and use of colors to convey abstract works of art, and who is both an artist and a teacher whose works have been accepted and displayed in various exhibitions around the world; and Madam Helgar YaerMann, Bang Sai porcelain station teacher, who has created and introduced Thai porcelain painting works to the world.

Creative porcelain paintings… There will be a contest of porcelain painting work pieces.
Multi-dimension porcelain paintings There will be plenty of activities on porcelain painting art, such as seminars, workshops and excellent shows.

In addition, a special exhibition to honor Her Majesty the Queen will be staged by holding a Benjarong Contest, along with a Benjarong DIY course for interested persons.

Those interested in attending are invited to register for displaying their works of arts and become a part of TIPP 2015 at http://www.sacict.or.th or http://www.tippconvention.com or


TIPP 2015 will be held from 5 – 8 February 2015 at the Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (a public organization), Bang Sai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

For further information, please contact:

The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand
Tel : +66 (035) 367 054-6

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140321/HK88138

SOURCE Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2015 (TIPP 2015)

Read more at http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwart/article/Thailand-International-Porcelain-Painting-Convention-2015-is-Announced-Feb-5-20140321#s8ml0BVoQW1D6XMk.99


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