Top model, Kerr, with Thai organic cosmetics business, donates US$100K to care for Thai baby elephants (Up-Dated)

Top Australian model and Victoria Secrets angel, Miranda Kerr, with a soft marketed bio-friendly cosmetic line Kora Oragnics in Thailand, has donated US$100,000 to help Thai baby elephants, get expensive milk. For the past few years, Keer, makes about US$7 million a year, but most of that is out-side of Thailand, as her Kora Organics cosmetics, again is only soft marketed in Thailand, and is somewhat difficult to buy, available mostly through the Thai Facebook page on the merchandise.

(Up-Dated) The USA government just issued a report saying they found 10 chemicals compound, being used in Thai cosmetics, that is against international agreement.

The following is from Daily Mail: (Source)

Miranda Kerr has shown her charitable side, by making a huge $100,000 donation to help baby elephants in Thailand.

The Australian supermodel personally handed the cheque to the founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant, Soraida Salwala, last month.

The funds will go to ensuring juvenile elephants at the special hospital in Lampang, Thailand, will remain nourished.

Ms Salwala said: ‘We have elephants like baby Naka, who is now one year old. His mother tried to kill him at birth, but we fed him for one year with goats milk to help him grow.

‘In her honour we have named the fund Miranda Kerr’s Baby Elephants Milk Fund. She is a beautiful and good woman to help elephants.’

The funds will go the the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) organisation to help baby elephants such as this one at the hospital in Thailand.

Since FAE built the world’s first elephant hospital in MaeYao National Reserve in 1993 they have treated over 3,900 cases of sick and injured elephants.

Elephants brought to the hospital have often been poorly treated by owners or have suffered horrendous injuries through incidents such as stepping on land mines.

Miranda Kerr, who is a mother-of-one, is also against animal testing in her usual line of work – the beauty industry,

The former Victoria’s Secret angel has her own organic skin-care line, KORA Organics, which joined PETA’s list of companies that refuse to test on animals.

‘Both Miranda and KORA Organics fully support the fight against animal cruelty. Our products are not tested on animals and are classified Vegan’, her company states.

When she’s not helping wildlife though, Miranda’s modeling career takes up the majority of her time and she has just been named the new face (and cleavage) of Wonderbra.

Just under a year after parting ways with Victoria’s Secret, Kerr’s modeling shoot for the brand was revealed this week.

Kerr took the number two spot on Forbes list of top 10 earning models of 2013 – just behind Gisele Bundchen.

Her annual income in 2012-2013 was reported as $7.2 million – up from the $4 million she earned in 2010-2011.

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