Sadness & Comedy? Consumers confidence dips to 12 year low, but foreigners still throwing parties

Thai consumers confidence has dipped to 20 years low, on the Thai political crisis. Perhaps one of the hardest hit is Thailand’s entertainment industry, such as all the 10s of 1,000s bars all over Thailand. But spark of life can still be found. Paradise, to different people mean different things. While many loves Thailand’s cultural and heritage, other loves the entertainment Thailand offers. To those who loves Thailand’s entertainment industry, the Thai crisis had mostly been a nightmare, and resulted in much of a “Paradise Lost.’ Thailand, with an un-official policy to tolerate the entertainment industry’s no hold’s bar, everything go, forget morality type of thinking, have always gave the entertainment industry, little attention. Thailand, mostly, promotes culture and heritage, moral and ethics, leaving the entertainment industry to look after its own prospect. Perhaps, that is the best way to look at an industry, leaving it to market force. But as Thailand’s entertainment industry tail-spin into a more somber mood, Singapore, for instance, is not taking the development of its entertainment industry lightly, and is like totally involved in making Singapore the most fun country in ASEAN, through a deliberate planning effort.

The following is from Daily Star (Source)

Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz get super steamy while on holiday in Thailand

CELEBRITY Big Brother’s sauciest housemate, Jasmine Waltz and her former Blue singer boyfriend gave out a major raunchy public display of affection during their Thailand holiday.

By Nicole Morley/Published 5th March 2014

Things are heating up in camp Lasmine!

Steamy Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan just couldn’t keep their hands off each other on a recent trip to Thailand and – by a stroke of luck a paparazzi snapped just happened to be nearby.

The two stars, who met during their time in the debauched Celebrity Big Brother house, were clearly stricken by the hot Thai temperatures as they got steamy on holiday.

Jasmine and Lee had a shaky start after Lee was caught on camera flirting with fellow CCB housemate Casey Batchelor.

But it seems the happy couple have put the past firmly behind them in favour of a spot of tonsil tennis in the Southeast of Asia.

When they could manage to prize their claws from each other, Lasmine showed their competitive sides in a game of pool.

Determined not to let Lee get the better of her Jasmine channeled her inner temptress, yanking up the shorts of her playsuit and waved her booty above the pocket in the hope of preventing him from potting a ball.

Jasmine upped the ante and puckered up to distract her lover.

It seems the former Blue singer couldn’t resist his American vixen and stopped mid-shot for another smooch.

“Lee and Jasmine really love each other. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves”

The couple just managed to come up for air long enough to finish their game of pool.

By the end Jasmine was even reaching around to grasp Lee’s cue – raunchy!

An onlooker told the Daily Star: “Lee and Jasmine really love each other.”

Adding “They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves,” after seeing the couple’s saucy public display of affection.

luisa, zissman, lee PRANKS: Jasmine tries to steal Lee’s cue [XPOSURE]

Lee and Jasmine really love each other. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves SHAKE IT: After a few drinks Jasmine started dancing on the tables with some locals [XPOSURE]

After a short spell of dancing on the table, Ms Waltz and her pop hunk beau went on to boogie the night away properly at a nearby club.

She kept Lee’s eyes fixated on her petite curves in a casual but cute floral playsuit.

Tying her raven mane of shiny locks in a high ponytail, exposed her tanned bare shoulders.

These loved-up snaps are just the last in a series of photographs that have silenced critics that suggested their relationship was simply a ruse for the cameras.

Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan only have eyes – and hands and tongues – for each other.

Soz if you’re reading this Casey!


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