Many globally, buzzing around, Thailand’s Silicon Craft Technology, cutting edge IC chip

The following is from Hispanic Business (source)

Thailand-based IC developer Silicon Craft Technology (SIC) has introduced a dual-interface Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that can be embedded in an electronic device. This allows the electronic device to communicate with and be regulated by a mobile phone or other NFC reader.

Currently being sampled by a number of firms and their customers globally, SIC’s NFC Enabler SIC4310 passive RFID chip, can be combined with sensors and other peripheral devices through a Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) interface.

For instance, the SIC4310 chip, can be consolidated with a passive e-ink display, a capacitor to link with sensors and a microcontroller. The chip harvests power from RF transmissions and, hence, does not need a battery. This interface allows the system to send data like temperature measurements on the press of a button, to an NFC reader in a phone or tablet. It is also able to receive and display an image or text message from a phone on its own e-paper display, or direct a device like a toy with a built-in NFC reader to flash a light-emitting diode (LED), or to beep or play a tune.


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