Thailand’s global class agricultural conglomerate, CP, looking at advance genetics in USA


The following is from the Poultry Site (source)

Nutritionists and researchers from Charoen Pokphand feed technology office, Thailand visited Hy-Line International’s facilities during a business trip to Iowa.

Leading the delegation was Madame Phatanee Leksrisompong, Executive Vice President of Charoen Pokphand Public Co Ltd, the world’s largest feed producer.

The Thai group toured Hy-line’s Egg Quality and Molecular facilities, as well as engaged in discussions on Hy-Line’s Genomic Programme that leads the way in the layer breeding business with Hy-Line researchers.

 Dr Neil O’Sullivan Hy-Line International’s Director of Research and Development and Dr Petek Settar gave an overview of the Hy-Line research programme and Dr Janet Fulton and Dr Ania Wolc presented the latest information on unlocking increased genetic potential by improved accuracy of selection from Hy-Line’s state of the art Genomics Programme.

Established in 1936, Hy-Line International or commonly known as Hy-Line, is a genetics company that raises and sells chickens internationally.

Hy-Line has subsidiaries located in the US, the UK, Brazil and Japan, and 60 distributors in more than 50 countries worldwide. [1]

As part of its international expansion, in 2008, the company launched a UK division called Hy-Line International UK, that handles production and distribution in the UK, Europe and other areas worldwide.[2]


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