Yingluck’s rice scheme! Free Market? Corruption? & Stake-Holders? (Up-Dated 2)

Much of the global press continues to exhibit extremist reporting on the Thai rice scheme, paying little interest to facts and reality of the situation, and have gone mostly off straight reporting into sensationalism, mostly mix of news/opinion. The rice story in Thailand is complex, and the truth of what is going on, is offered to be seen, by a few important milestone and events. As always, news units have their philosophy, as the editorial foundation, and in the Thai rice story, philosophy/editorial is rampant, and many will argue, blinded many to what is going on.

Globally, Farm Subsidy is rampant, and is seen as a normal part of governing and democracy, as responding to the voter base. However, for a variety of reasons, the Thai rice subsidy, have gained global interest. As every globally and also in every past Thai subsidy, the subsidy generates a loss in itself, but have benefits to the voter base and the economy.That is a reality and a bench-mark, globally and locally, that most, especially the press, have forgotten to apply.

(Up-Date 1) A combination, between the Yingluck government being a care-taker government and the establishment blocking moves, is making it hard for the Yingluck government to meet payment to rice farmers under the rice scheme. The establishment, seeing the opportunity, have moved in to use some disgruntled rice farmers as a political tool against Yingluck, thuse, many Thai rice farmers are now politicized, being used as the seed, in which the establishment seeks to spread to the millions of Thai farmers. About 2,000 to 3,000 rice farmers, of the millions of rice farmers in Thailand, are now involved in protest against Yingluck. The blocking move, now involves blocking banks from lending to buy bonds for the rice scheme.

(Up-Date 2) Moodys, the credit rating agency, says a critical risk aspect of the rice scheme, pointed out by critic and press as being because of the rice scheme being bad and no good, in fact is related to politics, not the rice scheme. Also, China, has agreed to buy about 1 million tons of Thai rice, and fascist Suthep, on the heels of that purchase, went to protest the Chinese embassy, of its close relation to the government. This and other sales, is expected to cut the book loss, from holding the stockpile of un-sold rice. Concerning corruption and the rice scheme, the iconic global risk consultancy, IHS Janes, says the corruption charges, by the anti corruption unit, is a “Judicial Coup.”

I recently got into two Twitter debate about the Thai rice situation, one with @Khunjonty and another one with @CWCLewis

  • With @Khunjontly:

@Khunjonty hate break news goes against u ideology Jonty, but World Bank economist said rice scheme succeed lift income & GDP

@Khunjonty as I have been telling u Jontly, those two things are Yingluck’s objectives, so actually Yingluck met her goals

@Khunjonty the point u & me are close on agreeing, is the structure of the scheme, u say total failure & I say fail make it sustainable

@Khunjonty I do not have a clue why u say structure total failure, but for me, in my analysis of why fail at sustainable, is mainly 2 things

@Khunjonty first market reception extremely hostile from old stake-holders, minus farmers & press; years massive, constant & dirty attacks

@Khunjonty Second, is management failed, in market place, meaning countering massive attacks & second, failure to understand market force

@Khunjonty U can say, the massive attack, old stake holders & press, part of market force, I agree, but

@Khunjonty But I disagree to the massive dirty attack, like deliberate destroy of reputation of Thai rice quality, by stake holders & press

@Khunjonty And this is what I mean, when I said, all those massive attacks, always dirty in nature, means Yingluck never had a chance

@Khunjonty In summary, all, I can say, for the two years there, rice farmers really benefited like they never had before in history

@Khunjonty well, I have my position & u have u position, I respect u position & I happy for u, u happy about u position, same me (end)

  • With CWLewis:

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist If u guys interested facts, a finance ministry civil servant, involved at high level of rice scheme, said:

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Supa said rice scheme, infected with massive corruption to the press, which most press reports as big news

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Yingluck responded, saying, if Supa has factual information of widespread corruption, please give to gov

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Supa, un-able to substantiate her assertions, said the press mis-quoted her

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Supa, corrected herself & said structure of the scheme, gives rise to opportunity to widespread corruption

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Guess what? about 90% of press, local & global, earlier play up Supa charges, no report this correction

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Is rice scheme corrupt? How corrupt is it? It beliefs vs facts vs beliefs, meaning, pointless argue about

@CWCLewis @BKKRobert @TheAsianist Concerning the Thai anti corruption agency, of course u guys are right, they after Yingluck & not truth

@CWCLewis Everything I reported to u factual & please, I not make it habit to do other people homework for them & so please search Google


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