Thailand’s Central Group going for Emerging Asia’s “New Normal”

Thailand’s leading shopping and hotel group, Central Group, is going for the emerging Asia’s new normal. That new normal, was high-lighted by the USA Secretary of State for Pacific and East Asia, of a “Youth Quake Opportunity.” Back in Thailand, with political uncertainty since the 2006 coup, the emerging “New Normal” of Thailand, is a focus by businesses to opportunity outside of Bangkok, into the opportunity the provinces of Thailand provides. Globally, the “New Normal” is also the middle-class and upper-class, are spending more on travel and tourism.

Central group, in the past week has announced substantial interest in Vietnam, a country with a great “Youth Quake” opportunity, to start expanding its shopping center there. In Thailand, as Bangkok tanks into the abyss with fascist Suthep protest, Central Group said it was heading more towards the Thai provinces, where the group, has been moving to for years. Globally, Central Group is also pushing its hotel arm, for example opening up another hotel in Sri Lanka.

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