Capitalizing on Iran’s more global friendly attitude, Thai trade delegate makes move with Tehran

Iran appears to be taking a new direction on international relations, with some solid more global friendly moves. perhaps seeing the opportunity for trade and investments, the Thai diplomat stationed in Tehran, began a few weeks ago to promote a more solid relationshup. Earlier, there were some national security related issues, such as terrorism, with Thailand smack in the middle of Uran & Israel, where Thailand is friendly to both, and both Israel and Iran, have a large community of their citizens living in Bangkok.

Bernama reports: (Source)

TEHRAN, Feb 15

A trade delegation made up of heads of various industries from Thailand will arrive in Iran on Sunday, said an official from the Union of Iranian Importers. Mohammad Hossein Barkhordar told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday that the sectors include food, car, electronics and shipping. Mohammad said Thailand can be a reliable provider of electronic components and car parts to Iran, while Iran is capable of meeting Thailand’s demand for chemical, industrial and mineral products.

Last week, Thai ambassador to Iran Adisorndej Sukhasvasti expressed hope for increased trade between Bangkok and Tehran, Press TV reported.Sukhasvasti said great potential existed for promoting Tehran-Bangkok economic cooperation, and that he and Iranian ambassador to Thailand Hossein Kamalian were planning joint projects to increase exchange of traders between both countries. Sukhasvasti also highlighted the possibility of opening new air links between Thailand and Iranian tourism sites.


One thought on “Capitalizing on Iran’s more global friendly attitude, Thai trade delegate makes move with Tehran

  1. 2 Ancient Kingdoms, Iran too before. ties goes way back. Iranians even introduced Buddhism to China. hope the Mullahs of Iran will no longer be in government in Iran soon. And the Iranian people will rule. never mix Religion and Politics.

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