Thailand’s digital TV multi billion baht investment success depends on “Philosophy”


With the Thai telecom regulator, that had just auctioned of digital TV license, the license holders are investing massively on both content generation and hard infrastructure equipment. But some media analyst says, it is not the content of the hard infrastructure that counts, but the digital TV channel’s “Philosophy” that will count. Long noted in the media advertisement buying space for example, is how some media group, such as the Nation, with it extreme right wing and pro-elite editorial philosophy, had been un-successful in selling its content.

Others noted, that for entertainment firms, such as GMM Grammy, its traditional soap drama, targeted to the middle class house-wives, is losing the new younger generation of viewers, to channels, that target programming to the young group.

The Bangkok Post reports that digital-TV operators are investing huge sums to develop their channels, splashing out on content and newly established studios. Surin Krittayapongpan, a vice-president of BEC World, which runs Channel 3, said his company is spending 1 billion baht to convert a two-storey parking lot into a studio for two digital-TV channels. Khemmathat Pholladet, president of Bangkok Media and Broadcasting Co, which runs the PPTV digital channel, said the company has allocated 2 billion baht for content development and equipment. Last week, Amarin Television said parent Amarin Printing and Publishing Plc had approved a 5.869-billion-baht budget for digital TV. Of the total, 3.32 billion baht is for the 15-year licence fee, 2.45 billion is for the 15-year network rental and 100 million is for new studios and equipment. Vachara Vacharaphol, the chief executive of Triple V Broadcast Co, which runs Thai Rath TV, said the firm has set a 700-800 million baht for content production after investing in studios and broadcasting equipment. Meanwhile, MCOT is setting aside 1 billion baht for its digital-TV preparations including network expansion, human resources, a satellite-TV project and a regional communications hub.


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