KBank & PTT innovative gasoline re-fueling RFID device highly popular with logistics firms

PTT has unveiled its new “Fill & Go” electronic pump system, where the system features Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which is compatible only with vehicles with special rings attached to its fuel pumps. Microchips located inside the ring will record all the necessary information related to the user’s refueling habits, the kind of gasoline used, and even license plate numbers. PTT has a goal set for 200 stations to be installed with the gadget by the end of 2014.

More and more logistics firms, with trucking vehicle fleet, are turning to the system.

The device will also help control theft, relating to fuel theft, as only the vehicle that has the special ring, would be able to get fuel at PTT, with each ring having the identify of a single vehicle. The can help logistics firms control the relationship between the individual vehicle fueling needs and the individual vehicle fueling supply.

A local bank, KBank, that helped PTT develop the system, is jumping on the new opportunity PTT “Fill & Go” services offer. For example, recently at KASIKORNBANK Head Office, Mr. Vallop Vongjitvuttikrai, Executive Vice President of KASIKORNBANK, and Mr. Osamu Murasawa, President of Nippon Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd., signed an agreement to offer PTT Fill & Go service, again, a fuel control innovation with smart ring-shaped device, to provide convenience for Nippon Express (Thailand)’s more than 100 vehicles in fueling at PTT service stations. With this service, no cash or credit card spending is needed, while fueling information and beneficial expense analysis will be offered.(Source)

Nippon Express (Thailand) is the world’s leading logistic service provider.


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