Yingluck & Private Equity firm, Charme Investments, matched Poltrona Frau & Cassina with Thailand’s TCDC

Table - Minimum Table (Cassina). Chairs - Loui...

Table – Minimum Table (Cassina). Chairs – Louis Ghost (Kartell) & Victoria Ghost (Kartell). . All Designed by Philippe Starck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck and Prtivate Equity firm, Charme Investments, is to bring world renowned furniture maker, Poltrona Frau & Cassina to work with Thailand’s creative design center, TCDC. Yingluck met with Charme Investments CEO, Matteo di Montezemolo in Italy in her recent visit to Europe, reports Matichon, a local press for the progressive intellect.

Charme Investments is a venture capital and private equity firm specializing in acquisition transactions. The firm prefers to invest in the luxury and Italian interior design sector. It acquires majority and minority stakes. Charme Investments was founded in 2002 and is based in Luxembourg.

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) was established in 2004 under the government by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to connect and promote interaction among creativity, skill, cultural asset and business conducive to creating quality products and services that meet the global market demand. TCDC pushed forward the development of creative economy in 2008 to promote creative entrepreneurs as the key element of Thai economic driving force. Also, TCDC has built a knowledge management network through 14 miniTCDCs nationwide and opened TCDC Chiang Mai in 2013 as a center for exchanging creative ideas and readying regional entrepreneurs to keep up with ever-changing global demand.

Poltrona Frau has acquired 100% of Cassina from Fimalac (listed at the Paris Stock Exchange) and the Cassina family, thus creating the leading group on a worldwide level both for dimension and positioning in high-end furniture and design. Cassina is among the world leaders in the high-end sector, with a turnover of some 120 million euro in 2004. It is widely internationally renown for its several cult products, comprised in its two collections: “I Maestri” (which includes products by Le Corbusier and Charles Mackintosh, icons of the worldwide design of the last century) and “I Contemporanei” (with products by some of the most important contemporary designers, such as Vico Magistretti and Philippe Starck). The brand exclusivity is also strongly supported by the flagship stores in the primary locations of Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo and by the relevant presence of Cassina product in some of the most representative museums in the world, such as Moma in New York and theTate Gallery in London. Cassina Group is also leader in the “contract” business (whose clients include some of the most important luxury brands for the set up of their respective retail networks) and controls two other important brands such as Alias (high quality seatings for collectivities and residential market) and Nemo (lighting). Poltrona Frau has acquired Cassina with a twofold strategic goal: to create an Italian group that will effectively represent in the world the most important brands that made the history of Italian design. The group will enhance the product excellence combined with the modern industrial culture of its various brands and, at the same time, will leverage on the diversity and the history of each brand in the world markets to reach the adequate size necessary to consolidate the industry leadership in the key international markets and consistently communicate the value of each brand and the relevant growth potential Luca di Montezemolo: ” After Cappellini, Thonet andGufram, Cassina represents for Poltrona Frau the final step of a very selective acquisition strategy. I am very pleased, since once again Poltrona Frau has acted in full consistency with its value creation approach. At the end of 2003 we selected Poltrona Frau as the ideal partner to start an entrepreneurial project aimed to create the world leader in the high-end furniture industry. I can say that we have reached, in less than two years, our initial goal. Our mission is now to bring to the world the best of theItalian culture of design.” (Source)


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