Thai SMEs confidence up strongly & making Forbes list up strongly

Thailand boat

Thailand boat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Thailand’s SME promotion unit said yesterday Thai SMEs confidence index for May, increased to 46.8 from 43.5 a month earlier and confidence in the economy increased to 44.6 from 25.6. The unit also said SMEs confidence in business increased to 43.4 from 35.6. The unit acting hear, Chawan Sawasdi Chuto, said the better numbers cams from SMEs expecting business to return to normal, from a better agriculture sector, which was at 136.97, increasing by 8.28, from the same period last year. He also said the better number is from a strong tourism industry. Local press reports Thailand’s SMEs numbers that have made Forbes top list, have increased markedly. Local press reports, however, that Thailand’s Central Bank, said the Issan region, with a burning hot economy was slowing, from consumers having concern over personal debt problems. Issan is Thailand’s region with the largest number of people. (Source)


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