Yingluck’s Finance Ministry blanket Thailand with “Tax Clinic” to help SMEs & entrepreneurs

Emblem of ASEAN

Emblem of ASEAN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Acknowledging that Thailand’s tax system is too complicated for SMEs and entrepreneurs, Thailand’s finance ministry has set up 268 of the so-called “Tax Clinic” to give advice on tax matters to anyone who has trauble with Thailand’s tax system. The ministry said the Tax Clinic has the concept of a One Stop Service are is targeted to SMEs to help them in their drive for ASEAN’sd AEC concept. The ministry said with ASEAN’s AEC, more SMEs are expected to enter the formal sector of the economy and start to pay tax, exiting from being a part of the gray economy.The ministry said the complicated Thai tax system have added cost and concern to tax payers, and have reduced their competitiveness. Apart from the Tax Clinic, the ministry have also launch an internet effort, where since soft launch the Tax Clinic website, it got about 100,000 page view. The ministery is also coming out with software applications. (Source)


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