Blind 62 years old women starts small street side restaurant & becomes chef to support children

Clear Vietnamese noodle soup

Clear Vietnamese noodle soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thai TV channel 3 ran a spotlight on a blind 62 years old Thai SME business women , Srinual Aree, this morning, where Srinual runs a street side restaurant, cooking the food that she sells without seeing it. Srinual cooks noodle soup for students and teachers from the local school at her house in Uthai district of Ayutthaya province. She said she started the restaurant at the suggestions of teachers at the nearby school, and because she has 4 children to support. “I don’t want to be a burden for my family,” she said. “At first I was depressed but my four daughters and sons are the ones who give me all moral support,” she said. Her noodles have become favorite with the students, as she sell he noodles at 15 baht a dish, where the market price is at about 30 baht a dish. “I can make some profits from selling for 15 baht a bowl,” she said. Srinual cook the noodles from using memory of where each ingredients are located on the shelf of her small restaurant. Every morning she goes to fresh market with her cousins to buy ingredients for the day, before returning home to prepare the ingredients before customers arrive.  A teacher praised Srinual for her determination not to give up on life, despite her disability.


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