Thai luxury skincare, Erb, plans UK launch, targeting famed Harrods department store

English: Harrods logo. Redrawn from scratch. P...

English: Harrods logo. Redrawn from scratch. PNG version used as reference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thai luxury skincare, Erb, has launched in the UK, targeting the famed department store Harrods for the launch. Erb, inspired by royal Siamese herbal rituals, the brand combines past and present in its collection of hair and beauty products. Containing certified organic ingredients, paraben-free, traditional remedies and cutting edge laboratory technologies, Erb is initially launching with 16 core products, including body serums, scrubs, lotions, tonics and haircare, enriched with natural extracts including cardamom, green tea, orange blossom and sesame oil. Erb will be launching into Harrods as part the month long festival: Thailand, a Celebration of Colour and Light, which runs from 28 July to 24 August, showcasing products and offering guests complimentary express beauty treatments. Erb will also be available online from the brand’s website from early-August. (Source)


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