ZDNet: Thai party games spark start-up to help India throw fun parties

Clifton Lido and The Victoria Public House

Clifton Lido and The Victoria Public House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ZDNet reports; It took a holiday in Thailand for co-founders of Indian startup, Eshack.in, to identify a void in the market which their new venture was set up to fill.  “We were in Bangkok celebrating my father’s 50th birthday when we noticed beer towers, beer pong tables, and people playing drinking games in bars. It then struck us that for our age group, this is what’s missing in India,” said Arman Sood, co-founder of Eshack.in. “My partner Ashwajeet Singh was always amazed by the way startups function and how so many of them become big companies, and he always wanted to work for one himself,” said Arman in an e-mail. Both student entrepreneurs had spent time to brainstorm and come up with ideas in their dorm room. They skipped their law school internships and took the plunge. After a few months of hard work over summer, they launched on November 1, 2012. Eshack.in Essentially, Eshack is a website that has a collection of innovative and funky bar-party and drinking accessories, which previously were not available to the Indian consumer. Traditional partying in the opinion of a lot of people was getting boring and repetitive. So the two young founders decided to bring to market innovative and exciting drinking games, beer pong tables, and other interesting accessories to liven up parties.  When the startup launched, no company in India was retailing most of the products it offered. Gradually competition increased but as first movers in this space, Eshack has immense advantage and very loyal customers, according to Arman. The company’s product stands out because it ensures quality is impeccable, and customer service and relations are always a priority. It also offer a two to three day delivery turnaround, hence, it can accommodate even customers who prep their parties at the last minute.


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