Head of Ardent Capital, a Venture Capitalist, says Bangkok “Much More” interesting than Singapore

A venture capitalist in Southeast Asia, says Bangkok is a “Much More” interesting place to launch a digital e-commerce than Singapore. Those words are by Dr Adrian Vanzyl of Ardent Capital. Adrian says Bangkok is being driven by a middle-class consumer spending boom. He says Singapore is an easy place to do business as everything is ready, he says but in Thailand, to succeed one has to prove one can manage difficulty and get the company ready. “In Singapore, because everything is ready, when a firm shows up, they do not buy your company, but set up shop on their own,” says Dr Adrian. Ardent Capital, an early-stage investment and incubation firm, has landed undisclosed funding from investors in Japan and the US as it accelerates its plans to build e-commerce-focused companies for Southeast Asia. The round includes participation from Santa Monica-based Siemer VenturesRecruit Strategic Partners and GMO Venture Partners from Japan. Ardent’s management team also contributed to the round.

Ardent’s business is two-sided, the company invests in existing startups and also incubates and launches companies too. Its portfolio of  more than 10 includes tech blog E27, marketing firm Syndacast and gamification startup Playbasis.

(Source: BK Magazine)

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