Head of VC Group, pushing tech-start-ups, says Thailand & Singapore has a “Symbiotic Relationship”

The head of Thailand‘s VC Group, a Thai leader in Cloud Computing and Real-Time Embedded Technology with the extensive experience in Real-Time Data Processing & Analysis, says investment is like wine, people have different tastes. He says there are talented high-tech people in Thailand working for firms, but Thailand needs more tech entrepreneurs. “It takes time to groom someone to become a tech-entrepreneur, says Jay Jootar, head of VC Group. He says Singapore is not a competitor to Thailand but there is a “Symbiotic relationship” between the two countries. He says Thailand is a good place to live and work and Singapore is a good place to have a business. He says the start-up eco-system in Thailand will not be dominated by the financial firms but by corporations like the Telcos. VC Group, is now seeking to be a part of the Thai tech startup eco-system, reports The Nation. They will be actively looking out for tech startups with potential, then invest and incubate them. But that is not all. After the startup can be made into a viable business, VC Group will seek out new investors for the company. Jay Jootar, founder and CEO of the venture capital fund, said, “In a few years, we plan to spin off two more companies that are related to cloud computing. One is about a cloud client and the other is about cloud infrastructure.” (Source: BK Magazine)


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