Independent: Global ‘Franchise king’ rises from ashes to aim for new heights with Thai food

Thai food is popular globally. And for some restaurant entrepreneur, getting into Thai food looks like an easy way to success, as there is nothing like riding a popular wave. The Independent reports; Failing for anyone is hard. But when you fail publically it can be harder still. Harder to recover, harder to dust yourself down and harder to find the courage to try again. This week’s entrepreneur is one who has known great success and has equally known the pain of a big fall. Yet, his story contains many lessons that can help inspire any of us who have ever experienced setbacks in our businesses. Brody Sweeney was once known as the king of franchise. His name will forever be synonymous with O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars, the company he set up in 1988 and which grew to become a huge international success. At its height, O’Brien’s had more than 350 stores across 16 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Dubai. It employed more than 3,000 staff and had annual revenues of more than €140m.Today, Brody is back in business and focused on building a new food franchise operation. Camile is an online delivery restaurant, selling restaurant quality Thai food. Brody set up Camile in early 2010 and he has already developed four outlets in Dublin. Here I catch up with him in his Phibsboro restaurant. He is brimming with excitement about his new venture and, along with his head chef, Andy, from Thailand, he takes me on a tour of the premises. (Source)


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