NYT: Famous Pad Thai noodles, helps Noodles & Co. IPO in USA Irresistible

Pad Thai is a staple Thai dish that has proved very popular globally. In fact, at many Thai restaurant globally, they have to hire a special chef, to just fry up the dish because it is so popular they sell 100s of dishes of Pad Thai a day. New Yor Times reports; Investors showed reduced appetite for an electronics retailer, a construction services provider or an advertising technology company. But on Friday, they proved especially hungry for pad Thai and macaroni and cheese. Shares in Noodles & Company, a fast-casual restaurant chain, more than doubled their initial public offering price on Friday, closing at at $36.75. The company raised $97.2 million in its offering and is now valued by the market at more than $803 million. The hunger among investors (apologies for the puns, but DealBook is starving) may prove a relief to the I.P.O. community after a rough week for companies making their market debuts. Three prominent offerings — those for the CDW Corporation, HD Supply and Tremor Video — priced below their anticipated ranges on Wednesday, citing the recent market choppiness. Concerns that the Federal Reserve may begin pulling back on its economic stimulus program have led to a halting of what had once seemed like a steadily climbing market, giving jitters to potential investors in risky transactions like I.P.O.’s. That led issuers and their advisers to choose to stay safe and price below expectations to ensure better trading of the newly public stocks. (Source)


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