Exim Bank in “Strategic Partnership” to push grass-roots SMEs or OTOP to go ASEAN

Thailand‘s Export and Import Bank (Exim Bank) and the Industry Ministry, Commerce Ministry, Interior Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry are in “Strategic Partnership” to push Thailand’s grass-roots SMEs, or OTOP, to go regional, with a package of help. The help includes funding, insurance, and help improve the “Knowledge Based” of  OTOP SMEs. Snit Sukolamarn, head of the Exim Bank, says currently, with rapid fluctuation in currency, the Exim Bank is ready to advised Thai OTOP of the risk and help them learn how to use currency contract to mitigate the risk. He also says for OTOP planning regional push, Exim Basnk has the knowledge of the region and is ready to assist. The Yingluck government has made helping OTOP a top government priority, perhaps in response to her increase in the minimum wage. Thailand’s OTOP program has in the past focus on lifting quality of the OTOP products, with a classification system, to pin-point OTOP products into quality classifications.


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