High paid advertising executive, dumps day job to develop & sell healthy incense stick

Peerawat Urapeepattanapong was a successful advertising executive making a great deal of money. But like many entrepreneur at heart, he says he always knew he had to start his own business, sooner or later. “At one point in life, the road splits off. And you have to decide, where to go,” says Peerawat. Peerawat usded his advertising skill to help him take the road of an entrepreneur, and stytematically went selecting the product he wants to develop and sell. He says it has to be a product tat has few competition and be like a under-current of marketing and sales opportunity. Peerawat decided on incense sticks. In Thailand such product is sold in bulk with little differentiation and the competition is on price. Once he decided on the product, he went further. “I needed to be different and looked for what the market needed and settled on healthy product. I had 4 to 5 ideas on differentiation but the ideas were too many and it would cloud the message of the product and lessen the impact,” he says. I wanted a strong single message, he added. After that, he went developing incense stick that is good for the health, and packaged the product as a premium product. He says he had to educate the buyers for paying double the regular price to buy his product. He went on the internet are touted his product as not causing cancer. Peerawat’s products are now sold in most outlets that targets the middle-class to upper-middle class, a large and fast growing segment of people in Thailand. (Source: SMEs Thailand)


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