Total failure at Korean BBQ, Navaporn strikes it rich selling purse on the internet

Navaporn Saardphan, started her entrepreneur career with a US$25,000 investment into the booming Korea BBQ business in Thailand. The competition struck, with a nearby but better location, and the BBQ restaurant headed south, and eventually shut its doors. Navaporn is a scientist with a regular job but just wants a place for her money to grow. Instead of stop going into business, this time she started small, importing brand-name purse from the USA. Her store is Anna Brand Name.  “I would buy about 5 of the purse in the USA for a few US$100s and import them into Thailand and sell them close to US$ 1,000. Then I saw a website,, was offering a special deal for people with only a few items, so I said why not, and start to sell through the internet with,” she says. “The rest is history,” says Navaporn. That history, is that her website at, from a few thousand hits a months, went up to 10,000s a month to currently, about 800,000 hits a month. When I first started out, the profit was a few 1,000s of baht but now it is in the millions of baht, she says. Navaporn says anyone who wants to succeed on internet shopping has to be open to technology and be smart about it. She says doing it yourself has some advantage but joining something like is better. “The back office is taken cared of at and that leaves you doing what you do best, which is to focus on the product you sell on the internet,” says Navaporn. (Source: SMEs Plus Magazine)


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