Thailand’s only Facebook’s PMD & Google qualified developer launch social network tool, SocialEnabler

The latest news in Thailand, is that the Internet is now more widely used than TV, but the advertising continued to pour into TV and little to the internet. Yet Thai firms sees social media as opportunity for big business. Ineed, most Thai firms, big and small, now has a social media effort. But how to make it work?  TechinAsia reports; Nowadays social media enjoys huge growth in this region – especially in Thailand among the country’s 18 million social site users. That has prompted various brands jumping into social media as alternative marketing tool. However, to control and manage each channel in this media is not an easy task at all – and searching for the proper tool that can fully understand local languages and traditions in the region is especially tough. Computerlogy was founded by a team who has been in the IT industry more than a decade in IT systems of big enterprises and duly created the social media monitoring system called SocialEnable. Managing director and co-founder Vachara Aemavat has been a key mentor in various startup events in the Thai scene. The team won the Facebook Developer World Hack 2012 in Jakarta and they are an official Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD). So far it is the first and only Facebook PMD in Thailand. SocialEnable aims to be the complete social media monitoring tool, which can manage and monitor various social networks you have, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pantip (Thailand’s top homegrown social site) simply from a single place. You can schedule the post, set audience target (country, age, etc), analyze your target audience that you have contacted with, provide in-depth social media reports, analyze your competitors, check for rude words, analyze local languages, set up campaigns for the next marketing plan, and so on. (Source)


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