Recovering USA economy gets Thai food restaurant entrepreneurs excited

The recovery of the USA economy has gotten Thai entrepreneur in the USA excited, says Kanya Amaratheerakul, Department of International Trade Promotion, in Florida. kanya said to open up Thai restaurant in Florida is not difficult, especially with capital of about US$80 to US$200,000. “You have to do fusion Thai food and choose a good location,” she says, adding that the restaurant has to have a striking appearances and the food not expensive. Thailand has been coming out with the “Select Brand ” for Thai food restaurant overseas, to make sure the overall quality of the restaurant is up to standard. Those with the “Select Brand” would get a display to say the restaurant is approved by Thailand. Often, non-Thai will open up a Thai restaurant globally, and the quality is not up to Thai standard, hurting the reputation of Thai food restaurant. She says in Florida alone, there are about 400 Thai food restaurant, and many have the “Select Brand.” (Source: SMEs Plus Magazine)


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