Eco Shop breaks the mold with striking design environmental products for the young

Thailand’s Eco Shop, is trying to break the negative stigma associated with eco friendly product, as being poorly and boring designed, mostly meant for the older more responsible matured generation. Piphat Apirakthanakorn, a young entrepreneur has a vision of young people in Thailand, going crazy about eco friendly products. “I started out designing products that is good for the environment, but with a young buyer crowd as the market, not the usual older generation,” says Piphat. So Piphat would even go out an experiment with with things like what eco friendly threads would be able to be transformed into. Piphat also hunts for eco products in Thailand and globe over. Piphat says once he got the products ideas ready and was ready to open his store, he had to think hard of a place where young people would converge. Piphat chose Siam Square, at the Digital Gateway, near the mass transit for his location, because a great number of students would converge there, for a variety or reasons, such as for tutoring.”  He says, apart from location, his product concept has a great deal to do with success. “We offer products that are unique and we work with independent designers where the price is not a great consideration,” he says. (Source: SMEs Plus Magazine)


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