A Thai entrepreneur who will sleep with rocks to bring out Global award winning products

When ideas comes to Vilai Paichitkarnchanakul, she literally go to sleep with it. “I had an idea for a rock shape product, so I grabed some rocks and went to sleep with them,” said Vilai. Vilai, is the founder of the now globally famous, Bua Phad, of earth tone, soft products like pillows, made from used materials. Valai started off in Chieng Mai Thailand, playing around with left over materials like cloth. Then she started to put the pieces of left over materials, into products and sold them, just for fun. That was about 26 years ago, and today, her products have won top design awards from Denmark to Japan, and many in between. From a few simple products, she now supplies rugs, furniture, lighting and even drapes. Since Vilai products have been globally famous for many years now, her advice for people trying to crack the international market is to know the customers. “Take USA, the East and West Coast customers have different taste. The Europeans are different, and from places to places in Europe it is also different,” said Vilai. She says even in Asia it is different, with China going for red color and Japan for bland color. Vilai said with the Thai currency baht gaining value and poor global economy, her solution is to come out with better ideas. “The important thing is that our customer likes our design, so I have been stressing this, as a way to closely hug on to our customers, says Vilai. (Source: SMEs Plus Magazine)


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