With 3G arrival, driving mobile on-line activity, Thai telcos start incubation program

All major Thai Thailand telcos has started incubation program, with analyst saying it is to crteate a vibrant on-line eco-system to support the telcos. In Thailand 3G has just arrived, and the communication of content and other, is starting to be big business.  Visetkaew.com reports: “With the launch last week of True Corporation’s Incube program, all three major Thai telecoms firms are now aiding small- and medium-size software and mobile application developers to start up their own companies. Through the support of the telecom giants, some of whom have teamed up with United States-based software development incubation firms, the software sector of Thailand’s emerging creative economy is holding significant promise for both investors and consumers of technology. The investments and assistance of the leading telecoms firms underscores the strength of the Kingdom’s free market, the foresight of its corporate leaders and private enterprises, and a flourishing entrepreneurial spirit. Although state agencies such as the National Science and Technology Development Agency have also been supporting developers, Thailand’s private sector – represented by its telecoms firms – have been taking the leading role in fostering the growth of the country’s corps of software development firms. True is Thailand’s third-largest cellular network provider behind Advanced Information Service (AIS) and DTAC, although it is also a leading internet service provider and the country’s top cable television service provider. True is subsidiary of agro-industrial conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group. Both AIS and DTAC launched their own incubation programs within the last year, respectively known as AIS StartUP and DTAC Accelerate (Read More)”

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