Thai brings aged old Myamnar hair treatment to start franchise in Thailand

Thailand‘s population is aging, and that means more Thai people are seeing their hair go white. A Thai women, tapping Myanmar know how in natural black wax to help turn white hair black, bought the know-how to Thailand and started a thriving franchise business. There are about 100 of these franchise all over Thailand, riding on the trend to go natural here. The firm said the natural process is better than chemical process, since there is no damage to the hair and skull, in the long term. However, those who are enticed to buy the franchise said natural treatment and product comes and go in Thailand, and thus the trend does not last. Indeed many natural products in Thailand die off rapidly, only enjoying success when the trend is hot. The firm however, said the process is easy to learn and start-up capital is low, saying that many of the start-up, is done at the residence of the franchise owners, and the number of workers needed is low. The franchise continues to grow, however, with strong word of mouth as the main driving force.


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