Pool water un-comfortably warm? A Thai wants to air-condition pool water

Thai weather can be hot, and to cool down many take a swim. But pools in Thailand, can be known to be un-comfortably warm during the hot summer month. Going to swim many times makes things worse. To solve that problem, a Thai advertising firm owner, and once the head of the Thai advertising industry association, said he wanted to bring to Thailand, air-condition units, to help swimming pools in Thailand, remain comfortable, in the summer. Water at many swimming pools in Thailand during the summer months, is warm, and uncomfortable. The concept, according to him, is similar to pools at spar in the USA where on the side, there is a hot and clod Jacuzzi dips for the pool users. “Thailand has many condo projects now, and the water at these small pools, goes from hot to cool rapidly, with the  weather, he told Thai Intel. Many condo in Thailand caters to wealthy people who can and want the ultimate in luxury he says. Furthermore, he said many condo are targeted to foreigners, where un-like Thais, these foreigners would sun bath.  “These is nothing like sun-bathing then to hit the pool to cool off, he says.


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