In hot & humid Thailand, a home-grown start-up ice making machine maker strikes it rich

Thailand is hot and humid, most of the time, and popular here, is any drinks that is cold. And the economy is growing fast, and consumers have money to spend. A Thai ice machine maker, IcePro, who sells and rent ice makers to small and large merchants, says its business is booming, raking in machine sales and rent in the 100s a month, where bad debt from renters is very low. “Our production line can not keep up with the demand,” says IcePro representative. In Thailand, 10s of 10,000s of small restaurant and retail shop exists, that normally would buy ice in the morning to supply the business and customers. Then coffee shop is popular, numberings in the 10s of 1,000s all over. However, with a booming economy, driving their businesses, many have turned to buying of the machine, instead of buying ice. The firm says, it has a bad debt collection department, but the average has been about 3 to 4 bad debt a month. The machine, by IcePrto, is made in Thailand by local technology and local parts, backed by research and development to make the machine better fit to Thai customers.  Thailand has a thriving small machinery industry, as many of Thailand’s technical school, have made research and development of locally made machines, the top of their priority. Thailand, in fact, increasingly, is exporting machinery, such as the ice making machine by IcePro (Source: IcePro).


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